About Stephen

Stephen Tierney is one of the UK's leading experts in sales peak performance. For more than 19 years, he has proven his tremendous ability to transform sales teams, grow businesses and help thousands of sales people create massive success and wealth.

As the owner of one of the UK’s leading sales training companies and the Director of a successful lead generation company, Stephen has real-world experience and expertise in this arena that is unmatched. Stephen delivers sales training for the new breed of sales people.

Stephen's experience in telesales won him a multitude of top sales awards including sales person of the year and team manager of the month for a record 6 months in a row. His success moved him swiftly up the sales ladder to call centre sales training manager, operations manager and eventually call centre manager. There is no one better and more experienced to train you and your staff to sell more and develop your sales managers into successful leaders.

Stephen's non-pushy approach to selling and sales training techniques, structures and strategies have increased sales for a multitude of companies including Aviva, Lloyds Banking Group, O2 and Barclays High Net Worth as well as a plethora of SME's across the UK.

He is the author of 'The Motivated Mind' and keynote speaker at numerous sales events.

If you are a business owner that wants to get his sales people to the next level, or an entrepreneur who wants to earn the money that will give you more freedom and more choices in life then we invite you to join the hundreds of companies who have consulted with Stephen.

If you are just getting started on your sales career or a seasoned veteran wanting to improve your results, take advantage of what Stephen has to offer with his live sales training events and products as you learn the secrets of the inner and outer game of selling.


Next Steps & Pricing

Call us now on 03333 444 147 and talk with one of our friendly team to discuss any questions you may have and pricing for effective sales training to suit your budget. Or email us at info@mindcell.co.uk

"As an experienced consultant I'd been on many training courses before but working with Mindcell was very different.  The results were amazing, I'd have to say that Stephen from Mindcell brings to the business world what Derren Brown brings to the entertainment world! His persuasion tactics are fascinating and unlike many sales trainers he is always happy to show you this at work live on the phone. Stephen is one of those exceptional sales trainers that talks the talk but walks the walk."
Jemma Coates
(Recruitment Consultant, Marine Resources, Southampton)


"Mindcell's appointment setting training is truly amazing. Before the training my confidence on the telephone wasn't the greatest and my strike rate on appointments was 1 in every 15 calls. On the day of training working with Stephen and implementing his strategies I hit 100% strike rate in securing face to face customer meetings. 10 calls, 10 appointments! It doesn't get any better than that and more importantly for the business, there are tangible sales results; orders coming through the door. I would highly recommend working with Stephen and Mindcell."

Amanda Davies
(Senior Account Executive, Hippowaste)

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