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Are your sales people in the field converting at least 1 in 3 appointments?
Do you need more consistency in sales results across your team?
Do they have a sales methodology and framework to follow?

When was the last time your field sales team had sales training?

Not just sales training but sales training from a company that has the inside knowledge of what the successful telecoms companies are doing at the moment?

Having the experience of owning a telecoms lead generation company  I have had the advantage of gaining a real insight into what works and what doesn't work when selling telecoms services. Some of our clients were struggling to convert our leads and some partners were converting as high as 1 in 3, so what makes the difference?

Very often sales teams are trained on the product, shadow a sales person for a few weeks and then left to their own accord to hit the ground running. Or a company hires a field sales person with experience and simply expects them to bring in the results. Well as we all know it's never quite as simple as that.

Attention: Get an unfair advantage over your telecoms competition, because you won't find this information anywhere else - and It's proven to work.

I know this works because with a client base of over 40 telecoms clients I decided to find out what the high converters were doing that the low convertors were not and it made for some incredible findings. This research has helped build the most up to date, cutting edge sales training on the market for telecoms field agents. More importnatly it uncovers what the top closers are doing, right now!

Have Your Customers Eager to Buy From You Even When You Don't Have the Best Price!

Telecoms Field Sales Masterclass Program - 1 Day Intensive  

Uncovering the secrets of the most successful lead convertors in the Telecoms industry. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn...

  • The Proven System & Framework. It's Elegant, it's Classy & Ridiculously Effective.
  • The 9 Step Formula. Each Step Absolutely Essential to Your Success.
  • What Type of Questions to Ask and When to Ask Them.
  • Improve Customer Engagement. Turning Skeptics into Buyers.
  • How to Get Them to Choose You Over the Competition Even When Your More Expensive.
  • 5 Key Persuasion Tactics that MUST be in Your Conversations.
  • How to Deliver Winning Pitches Based on Analysis.
  • And Again This is Just The Beginning. Once You've Been Through Our Training You'll be Literally Unstoppable!

Telecoms & IT Lead Generation Training - 2 Day Intensive
Do you have an in-house lead generation team?
Need better results?
For the first time ever, I reveal our entire system and tactics that made our staff leaders in this field. No stone left unturned. This is the techniques and strategies 

Lead Generation

that help us gain over 400 appointments a month. On this never before released lead generation training your team will discover...

  • The entire model of how we do it!
  • Psychological training. (Mindset, Motivation & Drivers)
  • How to develop a sales pipeline free of timewasters.
  • The openings that work best.
  • The key tonality training for B2B & establishing authority.
  • How to gain all the information you need.
  • Scripts including Opening script, Cleansing script, Closing Script & Exit Script
  • The key steps to make every booking solid as a rock!
  • The 'Triple A' technique that everyone MUST USE on the call.
  • How to be in total control of the call.
  • How to overcome not looking at the moment.
  • How to overcome not interested.
  • How to overcome happy with current supplier.
  • How to open conversations with decision makers.
  • Pitching to the decision maker.
  • The most effective persuasion tactics to use on every call.
  • How to close when renewal still a few months away.
  • Transition to close script. How to go from conversation to close.
  • Pacing & Overcome ANY and EVERY objection
Plus much much more.

By only partnering with our ideal clients, we’re able to help you achieve unprecedented results. 
Stephen is now available to work with your team of salespeople and managers on a consultancy basis over 3, 6 and 12 month programs.
Only available to a very limited number of clients so please act fast before it's gone again.


Stephen's sales training was one of the best I've ever attended. His script alone for overcoming the 'I want all iphones' made an instant impact and we obtained a huge increase in sales results to match.

Matthew Stafford  (Sales Director, Aerial Direct Ltd)


Stephen is the go to guy for any sales training telecoms related. Wether it be lead generation training or field sales, he has the inside knowledge. Stephen trained our lead generation team who are now filling our diaries on a daily basis. There is no one else comes close with his kind of experience and the results speak for themself.                                                         

D. Jacobs (Managing Director, Fourth Pillar)

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