Sales Training Testimonials

"Within 2 months of working with Mindcell I had increased my sales by a massive 300%. The training we receive on a weekly basis for persuading clients is masterful. Once you experience training from Mindcell it makes you realise how little you knew about persuasion and influence."
                                                                                                                                                Alex Walker
(Project Consultant, Maris)

"Just a quick one to say that I used the negation technique today and it worked perfectly!  The client signed on the line that is dotted."
Will Howard
(Business Development Manager, Creare)

"I had one to one sales training with Stephen to help me with my closing techniques. I enjoyed the day immensely and left with a new found confidence and new direct but non-pushy approach. The very next day I closed a £14,000 deal by implementing just a couple of the techniques taught to me. Great training that is money well invested.
Alex McDonald
(Field Sales Rep, Sikla UK LTD)

"Those who look upon this type of training with scepticism as I did should seize the knowledge that is being offered and use it.
The sessions were light hearted and full of useful information and enthusiasm. Any one thinking of this type of training should not think too hard and go for it. Personally I found that Stephen taught me new areas to work on and pointed out things that I was unaware that I was using, enabling me to use them to better my techniques. Targets are now set and achieved. I would definitely recommend Mindcell to anyone who has doubts about themselves or their team.
Working with Stephen I sold over £155,000 worth of truck sales and that was on the first day we worked together. Hire him while you still can."

Martin McDade-Smith
(Sales Consultant, Mac's Truck Sales LTD)

“I commissioned Stephen to work with a senior member of my account management team in February this year; an experienced professional, my colleague nevertheless wanted to develop her ‘pure sales’ skills, around opening doors. Within the very first session, Stephen shifted some significant blocks and barriers to new-business generation – around mindset, persuasion, and self-belief. Stephen allowed my colleague to immediately tap into her existing ability to generate leads, setting 10 appointments in the course of an afternoon. Working with the rest of my team, Mindcell has also injected greater awareness of what’s possible; the whole team now has a suite of new tools and approaches to work with, and our collective mindset is positive. I would work with Stephen again in a heartbeat; he brings a wealth of intelligence, insight, and support. In fact I aim to be commissioning Mindcell again for further one-to-one telesales coaching work, as soon as possible.”
Rachel Bicker
(Head of Business Solutions, Waste Management Solutions Ltd)

“What a positive experience working with Stephen and Mindcell is! Having never had any formal sales training or coaching before, I approached our first meeting with trepidation. Stephen put me completely at ease. His consultative approach helped identify specific areas for us to work on and measurable goals to achieve. I felt immediate results after our first session, and now, after several hours coaching my confidence is sky high. More importantly for the business, there are tangible sales results; orders coming through the door and a 100% strike rate in securing face to face customer meetings. I would highly recommend working with Stephen and Mindcell.”
Amanda Davies
(Senior Account Executive, Hippowaste)

"With the training received from Stephen I have never been more confident in my work.
My appointment booking has tripled, and I now have more time to really focus on my work.
I literally cannot thank him enough."
Eddie Gray
(Product Awareness Team (South), Sikla UK)


"Stephen has worked with me for the last couple of years as a sales coach and the results I've experienced have been incredible. He has an extremely personable approach and clearly has a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of prospect customers. Stephen's work has improved my figures easily by 100% since we first worked together."


Will Howard
(Senior Sales Executive, Toolkit Websites)

"I asked Stephen to work with Astute to help our Consultants to improve their business development, negotiation and time management skills. He has worked on a regular one-on-one basis with a number of our team, and has also recently delivered some excellent interactive negotiation sessions. His sessions are relevant to our business, always put into context, and we've seen significant increases in performance from the guys he has worked with. Would happily recommend him....just not to any of our rivals in recruitment!"

Darren Simmons
(Operations Director, Astute Technical)


"Stephens training is both useful and informative, while being well tailored to the recruitment sector in which I operate. His techniques and ideas bring performance improving tips to experience and less experienced consultants, offering to raise the bar at which everyone operates. It’s well worth spending a couple of hours in his interactive seminars!"

Matt George
(Senior Consultant, Astute Technical)

"After the sales training our staff were filled with excitement and fired up to drive forward with the new sales tools and structures that they learned. We immediately implemented them and the results were instant. Within days of the training we had made three bookings. Great motivational and effective training."

Christine Turner
(Group Operations Manager, New Forest Hotels)

"I contacted Mindcell to deliver a consultative selling course for our sales team. Neither myself or my colleagues had ever been on a course such as this and were unsure of what we would learn, but I am pleased to say the day surpassed all our expectations and was hugely rewarding.  I honestly would not hesitate in recommending Stephen at Mindcell, he was approachable, patient and very informed."

Aqeel Khan
(Relationship Manager, Ethos Insurance Services)

“I recently had one to one sales training with Stephen Tierney of Mindcell. I found Stephen to be extremely affable and hence easy to learn from. The course was very eye opening with techniques taught that are relatively easy to implement and very effective.”
Olly Freedman
(Director, Kel Computing Ltd)

"I was delighted with the work that Stephen provided for me. As an experienced sales trainer myself, I wanted material that I could use in a different environment from my norm. Stephen clearly listened to what I wanted, what my brief was, as it matched exactly so leaving me with less work to mould to the different areas where I would be using the material. Similarly the support material was clear and easy to use and Stephen went through it all in a way that meant that I would have no problems with either preparation or delivery. I would certainly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for sales training."

Dave Purslow
(National Sales Manager, Mars Horsecare UK Ltd)

"Within the first day, Stephen was very quick in identifying the issues within the company and quickly put together achievable targets and resolutions to improve us as individuals and as a team. His motivation and training towards the staff is second to none and we have managed to exceed our target during the month that he was with us. The working environment has greatly improved with staff motivated to achieve their monthly targets. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who wants to improve the performance of their staff."
Sunil Kara
(Manager, Bathwise UK)

"Within hours of Stephen working with our sales team he had identified our problems and put new methods and targets in place to solve them. The amount of phone calls to potential clients increased by 500% and the amount of new jobs we were bringing in increased by 400%. That was in the first month! The atmosphere in the office has now completely changed and there is a buzz about the place which just screams success. If you want to improve your top line, I would highly recommend you speak to Stephen from Mindcell before anyone else.‎"
James Ward
(MD, Marine Resources)

As an experienced consultant I'd been on many training courses before but working with Mindcell was very different.  The results were amazing, I'd have to say that Stephen from Mindcell brings to the business world what Derren Brown brings to the entertainment world!
Jemma Coates
(Recruitment Consultant, Marine Resources)

“Having run my own business for over 14 years I have always been rather cautious and sceptical about people and companies who claim to be able to transform your sales over night.  Luckily I was put in touch with Stephen by my brother-in-law and therefore took the risk of getting him involved.  I can honestly say that Stephen has one of the most in depth understandings of the psychology of human interaction and communication techniques.  The skills that Stephen has been able to offer me and my team have been invaluable.  I do not believe that there is any company that would not benefit from some time with Stephen.  I wish I had met him 14 years ago.” 
Jonny Boys
(Managing Director Trafalgar Wharf Ltd)

"I have known Stephen for over twelve years now and have had the pleasure of working with him for a large number of those years.  In all of my business years, I have yet to come across someone who has mastered the art of communication as well as Stephen.  He has a very natural aptitude for bringing the best out in people wither it be sales or personality.  He has worked wonders within my business for the last Ten years and long may it continue".
(Call Centre Manager Direct Dialogue)

"I would like to compliment you on the delivery of 'The Sales Wheel' last Wednesday. I have attended many sales training presentations and courses in my 30 plus years in the Financial Service sector ,most of which I have forgotten about. However I can honestly say that yours will not be forgotten,as I found the content riveting and above all applicable to not only my role but to any role involved in the selling industry.I have now found myself putting into practice what you spoke about, especially questioning my own attitude on a daily basis, listening and being more time effective."
Nick Batchelor,
(Training & Recruitment Consultant, High Net Worth. AVIVA)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen for 3 years now. He worked with my management team and my sales executives, in the bespoke High Net Worth market. He helped us build the mechanisms and culture that allowed us to maximise sales opportunities that we were presented with."
Jon Sale
(Senior Customer Manager Barclays Finer)

"Stephen has helped us enormously in the direct sales market. He has had a huge influence on our end to end sales process – scripts, sales execs skills, closing skills, all of it. He has had a massive impact upon our business, and we look forward to working with him more as we continue to grow. "
David Headon
(Director 3Futures Insurance Services)

"Stephen has been an incredible asset to our sales team. His coaching skills bring out the best in people and have helped us double our sales income. I can't recommend him highly enough."
Marcus Green
(Founder Toolkit Websites)
"Before I worked with Stephen I hated my job, found it stressful and never made bonus. I didn't come from a sales background, and found it tough.
Stephen was fantastic and taught me so much. Every single day he inspired and motivated me. He installed a belief and confidence in me that I didn’t realise I had.
Within 3 months of working with Stephen I went from making no bonus to making £400 PER MONTH.
One year later, I was promoted to managerial level. I’m now making £10,000 more per year and have the most successful team in the centre. I couldn't have done this without Stephen’s help. This guy will be bigger than Tony Robbins. He’s truly inspiring."
Fiona Barghati
(Sales Manager)

"Stephen has incredible knowledge of sales coaching. He knows how to press the right buttons in your mind to make you highly motivated and a professional at what you do. After all selling is all in the power of the mind, the control of which is in your hands. Stephen not only teaches you how to control your mind and perform at your best but teaches some of the best persuasion and selling techniques that I have ever seen on the phone. My sales increased by over 40%. My experience of Stephen’s coaching will be a lasting one."
Ravi Jethwani
(Sales Advisor)
"Stephen's management coaching was nothing short of incredible. He taught me not only how to manage with effectiveness but how to become an inspiring leader. We are now breaking sales records and have seen an increase in sales by over 28%. The best GWP our team had achieved in any one month was £89,000. With Stephen working with the team on our sales techniques, attitudes, beliefs and confidence levels we recorded a new record that very month of £115,000. His results say it all."
(Outbound Sales Manager Norwich Union)

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